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  1. Kit on

    I just launched in collaboration with the Lucas Graduate School of Business of San Jose State University. The idea behind the site was to create a safe alternative to other online classified sites where users aren’t always who they say they are and overseas scams and unwanted solicitations are prevalent. These common occurrences are not only a nuisance, but can even be dangerous. The site just launched yesterday and I’m working on getting the word out. Even if the site is only used by SJSU students to exchange textbooks and apartment listings, I would consider it a success, but my hope is that the site creates a new standard in online listings. There is a huge lack in effort by current classified websites to maintain a safe and hassle-free online environment, and we’re out to change that. I was hoping you would consider interviewing me and my faculty advisors to do a story on this new endeavor.
    Kit Kershner – Founder

    • sjsutv on

      Update did indeed report on Kershner’s project, and the final story aired during the April 8, 2010 newscast. To view the story, please visit the Update News Spring 2010 archive, where you will be able to select the April 8 newscast. The story begins at time marker 8:20.

  2. Ross Holman on

    I’m a student at SJSU. While at school, I have had many occasions where I would need to meet with team members on a group project. It can be very hard to organize multiple people with different schedules. I would always run into problems with people living outside San Jose. I’ve tried to use some tools to solve this problem such as conference calls and skype but nothing just quite works out. There are currently no standard “group” tools for SJSU students and faculty members for working outside of the classroom.

    I started working at at local startup called Zoom where they have a Free video calling application that can host up to 15 people with group video sharing and screen sharing capabilities, I have just started to use this for group meetings, study groups and just hanging out with friends. I have found it to be a priceless tool to have. I think it would be great if you did a story on this application and get the word out to help to our SJSU students. It is a very useful application that every student and faculty should have!

    I would love to demo Zoom to you. And we love to be on your show to promote the usefulness of this application for all SJSU students and faculty members.

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